What Determines Your Dream Job!

What Determines Your Dream Job?

Many of us for many different reasons may dream of a career we would consider our “Dream Job”. What’s Your Dream Career?

Today really had me thinking what is an actual dream job? This may be different to many, ones dream will vary from another’s. For some does the words “Dream Job” create a sense of fear knowing to have your dream job you may have to put yourself out in the world and face rejection.


Does Dream Job and Passion go together

Everyday you wake up and may go to a job which does not satisfy or make you happy. This career may have been the decision you made when going to college. Now years later you wake up and begin to realize, OMG I cannot imagine doing this the rest of my life day in and day out.

So now for the first time in a long time you begin to think about your passions, what actually makes you feel happy. What could you do everyday that makes you happy and feel successful.

You now understand success does not necessarily mean you are living large with a huge paycheck, success means you could live happy and be free.

When we do things that make us feel happy, we then open ourselves up to opportunity. In order to become successful you must have passion. The two work together in opening the door for success which then open the opportunity for your “Dream Job”.

What is really important to you

Trying to focus on passion and what truly would be a dream job is also a process. You will need to truly understand what you want!

The environment you work in may really help you make a decision in what truly makes you happy. Do you want to be able to work alone, or maybe you love being surrounded by others and working on a team. Do you want to be the person everyone comes to for help or do you just want to able to go to work and do your job. Do you enjoy the 9-5 life or you looking for more freedom.

Write everything you’re feeling down, what would benefit you most and make you love waking up and going to work everyday. Once everything is written down you will be able to start seeing the most important and the least important.

Now Skills Time

You have the enviroment you would really love to wake up to everyday. Now it’s time to consider your skills, what skills are interchangeable, take into consideration all of your skills inside and outside. You may learn something about yourself that you forgot over the years and this may also begin to show you a passion.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This maybe a new career or a change within your current work situation. You may decide to work on some weaknesses with either classes or online information. By building up your weaknesses you make your strengths stronger which will build your confidence, also start preparing you to take the leap needed to have your dream job.

A weakness is only a weakness when feared!

Connect with new people

This is perfect time to connect with many different people, start building up your contacts. Putting yourself out there and meeting new people will help build new opportunities. You never know where your dream job might be. New opinions, new outlooks could be what helps you make the decision in what your dream job is and where it will be.

Connect the dots

You now have a better idea of your dream job, you have the environment in which you feel you would enjoy working daily. You have your strengths and weaknesses and you know which areas you may need to develop. You have your skills written down and a blend of your passions and what you truly enjoy. Now connect the dots and find your dream job. As scary as it may feel when you wake up everyday loving your job, loving your life, you will know it was all worth the fear you once felt.

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