Body Language During an Interview.

Body Language during an Interview

It’s the day you been waiting for “It’s Interview Day” you have been going over everything you want to ask and say. You know this company inside and out. But are you forgetting body language can speak for itself.

Body awareness is very crucial, many actions and habits to consider while interviewing.

1.Sit straight in your chair and lean back firmly. Try your hardest not to slouch,pretend a wire is holding your body straight up. Also try not to look uncomfortable or stiff.

2. They say look eye to eye! Instead of staring someone directly in the eye, look at the interviewer but look at different parts of the face. This will help you look engaged without a direct eye to eye stare.

3.Some of us use our hands while speaking, especially if nervous.Instead of trying to hide your hands which can be misinterpreted as distrustful. Go ahead and use your hands gestures while speaking.

4.They say an open palm facing up shows honesty, well shaking hands opens the palm and takes one off guard.

5.Grounded feet help answer difficult questions. Reason being is the ability to go back and forth easily between the limbic reptilian to the neocortex brain.

6.Women always cross at your feet instead of your knees. This allows you to switch without showing signs of nervousness

7. Let the interviewer know you understand what is being said by occasionally nodding.

8. Always remember smile!!

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